Best loan rates among non-bank financiers, starting from 1% per transaction

We can provide up to 500,000 euros in 1 day

Capital from a Latvian origin and a range of cooperation partners across the whole world

ERST Finance offers modern financial services to finance transactions and attract current assets, paying special attention to manufacturing and trading companies. Financing which is freely available allows our clients to react to market offers much faster, as well as to receive more favourable conditions from their cooperation partners.

We are not promising money in an hour, nor do we guarantee that we can provide it to anyone. However, rest assured that we will evaluate the credit risks within 2-3 days and that the loan rate offered by us will be one of the lowest among non-financial lenders.

We are a company of a Latvian origin, with representative offices in the Baltic states and Poland. Starting in 2016, we have provided more than 17 million euros of financing to clients which represent a variety of sectors, also carrying out multi-million euro projects. 


Amount of funds distributed 2020

Wood industry
Food industry
Textile industry
Other sectors


Arnis Blumfelds

Executive Director

Janis Berkis

Member of the Board

Olafs Berkis

Chairman of the Council


Didzis Eglītis

Chairman of the Board

We are very pleased with the quality and speed of service. The financing provided allowed us to increase sales volumes, as well as to get better conditions from our suppliers.

Aleksandrs Hoperskis

Board Member

Thanks to ERST Finance, we now have additional resources for working with suppliers, our stock balance in the warehouse has improved, and the order fulfilment percentage and turnover have increased. We are very pleased with our cooperation - transparent and comprehensible conditions and fast order processing.

Laura Klūga

Board Member

Cooperation with ERST Finance has been very accurate and efficient. Thanks to the financing, we were able to clear this season’s cargo in customs and release it for sale much faster.

Ekmanis Edijs

Board Member

ERST Finance can provide us an efficient service and the most favourable conditions in the market. The financing received has significantly accelerated the movement of current assets in the company.

Mārtiņš Niķis

Board Member

Attraction of ERST financing provided significant support in the peak sales period when additional resources to increase the turnover were needed. We appreciate the professionalism in cooperation and the simplicity of the procedure.

Aleksejs Petričenko

Board Member

ERST Finance is a very favourable and efficient solution in situations when we want to react to good suppliers’ offers and purchase the product for more favourable prices. We are very pleased with the speed and friendly service.

Violeta Poļeska

Chairwoman of the Board

We highly appreciate our collaboration with AS ERST Finance, because at those times, when we require additional liquid assets, it enable to receive the necessary funding quickly. AS ERST Finance’s service process is organised efficiently and properly, and communication with this business partner always delivers the desired results.

Mārtiņš Kavoss

Member of the Board

We are very satisfied with the services provided by AS Erst Finance. Thanks to its fast and individual service, we can successfully increase our production volumes. You can always rely on AS Erst Finance!

SIA Balsts-R expresses its considerable gratitude, and points out that it has been a great benefit for the past three years to collaborate and work together with AS Erst Finance. Client service is at a very good level. The most appropriate solution will always be found, even in the complex situations. You can count on a fast response and friendly attitude. We look forward to equally successful collaboration in future! We recommend and offer our support!

Jānis Birzāks

Chairman of the Board

AS Erst Finance is our business partners that has provided us with funding for goods for almost a year. Its offer is not only beneficial to us, but is implemented by responsive and professional company employees. The quality of the services provided meets the requirements set by SIA Modus Tetra. Therefore, we recommend the firm as a reliable and quality business partner in its field!

Iveta Milbreta

Chairperson of the Board

Thanks to the responsiveness and cooperation of AS ERST Finance, SIA GM Style plus has been able to concurrently manufacture and execute bigger orders from international clients. The opportunity provided by AS ERST Finance also helped us to retain small clients that were important to the company. We appreciate the diversity an accessibility of AS ERST Finance’s range of services, and even more so – its invaluable support and cooperation speed. Thank you to AS ERST Finance!

Kristaps Rūsa

Member of the Board

We are very satisfied with the quality and responsiveness of the service provided by ERST Finance. It responds to all our applications very quickly. Attracting funding enabled us to achieve the faster growth of our company.

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