Pay your suppliers’ invoices with ERST

Postpone payments for 30-90 days

Get discounts to afford larger orders

Attract funding for operating activities

Use stocks of goods as a loan guarantee

Compensate the non-season by securing a steady cash flow

Upgrade your production and processing

Only purchased capital equipment will serve as collateral

Repayment up to 60 months

Financing up to 80% of the value of the item

Buy new and second-hand items

Repayment period up to 36 months

Main questions before applying for a loan

Unlike other non-bank lenders who give out fast money with large interest rates, we can offer competitive rates, starting from 1% per transaction.

Unlike other lenders we do not require a pledge or a board member’s guarantee. Your guarantee is the goods involved in the transaction.

ERST finance is focused on large-scale transactions with a value from 10,000 to 500,000 euros.

Even though ERST finance does business with a very high sense of responsibility, we are able to make an evaluation and provide a financing limit within 2-3 days, which is considerably faster than it can be done by banks.

We are not asking for a business plan or numerous confirmations, we only need the company’s operating balance sheet in order to be sure of the perspective of your development.

You send us the invoice that needs to be financed, we take care of the formalities and pay the invoice within one day.

Usually banks demand to store the goods in a bank partner’s warehouses. We carry out an inspection of the goods, however, we allow to store the goods in a warehouse of your preference.

ERST Finance is involved in the deal as an intermediary, therefore financing is not registered as a credit commitment.