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This data processing notice provides information on how we process data concerning the visitors of this site (homepage), as well as individuals who use the site feature for submitting and sharing their contact details with us.

Depending on the changes in the process of individual data processing, we can update or modify this notice at any time, placing the corresponding informative notice on the site.

Personal Data Processing Manager and contact details

Manager: ERST Finance, AS; registration number 41203048956; legal address: Ventspils, Kuldīgas iela 51, LV-3601, Latvia (further in the text – ERST Finance)

Contact details for communication regarding personal data protection issues:

Taking into account the nature of ERST Finance’s operations, a Data Protection Officer has not been assigned.

What kind of personal data does ERST Finance use and for what purposes?

In its activities, ERST Finance is mostly using personal data, which has been provided by the data subjects themselves (for example, by using the contact or application form on the site). Given the specifics of ERST Finance’s operations, we only process a minimal amount of personal data – as much as it is needed to attract clients, as well as establish and maintain relationships.

ERST Finance is processing all personal data related to company representatives or contact persons based on the stated legal interests of ERST Finance (Article 6, paragraph 1, point f) of the Regulation), for the following purposes:

Depending on the cooperation type (a potential or an existing client), we can collect additional information in order to determine if there are any circumstances which would make it necessary to reassess the opportunities or types of cooperation. ERST Finance can also collect personal data from third parties (for example, debt history database, credit bureaus, public registers and databases), in such way obtaining information on the potential risk factors.

For this purpose we can use any of the following personal data types: name, surname, personal code, name of the company represented, position, information about indebtedness, information on the occupied positions in other companies, as well as other information depending on the particular situation.

The personal data of company representatives or contact persons will be used for inclusion in the draft contract, as well as in the process of conclusion of the contract. ERST Finance can also collect personal data from third parties (for example, public registers) to verify the rights of representation.

For this purpose, we can also use any of the following data types: name, surname, personal code, contact phone number, email address, name of the company represented, position, the scope and term of authorisation, caption of signature, as well as other information depending on the particular situation.

Which cookies are used on our website and for what purpose?

When you visit the ERST Finance website, cookies are placed on your device. To find out what cookies are, how to manage their use, how to delete cookies, please visit the website

Personal data which has been collected as a result of visiting the site is processed by ERST Finance according to the stated legal interests of ERST Finance (Article 6, paragraph 1, point f) of the Regulation), for the following purposes:

How do you change your consent to the use of cookies or delete them?

You can change your consent to use cookies in your browser settings. In certain cases, preferences of the use of cookies can be modified in the corresponding third party resources. More detailed information is available here:

In the case that you disable the use of cookies completely, there is a chance that certain features will not function properly or that using the site will be more difficult.

You can also delete the saved cookies at any time. You can read more on this in the privacy settings and help section of your browser.

With whom will the personal data be disclosed?

In most cases, personal data is only available to ERST Finance’s employees in the amount required for them to fulfil their functions.

In certain cases, personal data can be handed over to our service providers (for example, legal offices, advertising and marketing service providers) within the framework of legally established intentions or in the process of fulfilling legal obligations (for example, providing information to our auditors). Personal data can also be shared with our data processors (for example, server maintainers, outsourced accountants), however, in such case a data processing contract would be concluded and ERST Finance would still hold full responsibility over data processing.

In the cases prescribed in the law, ERST Finance may be required to hand personal data over to public authorities (for example, reporting to supervisory authorities, in cases of tax audit). In such instances, ERST Finance will only disclose personal data in the required amount and upon receiving a written request.

ERST Finance does not transfer personal data to third countries or international organisations.

How long is personal data stored for?

Your data will not be stored for longer than it is needed to achieve the relevant purpose.

Regarding contact details obtained via the contact feature of our site, the data storage time is closely linked with further cooperation, i.e., in the case of your company becoming a client of ERST Finance, the data will be processed in accordance with completely new purposes, not those mentioned before, for example, administration of contract execution, billing, storage of legal documents etc. In the case that a business relationship is not established after receiving the contact details, we will store the provided contact details for as long as it will be needed to contact the company you represent within the framework of the aforementioned purposes.

Regarding the information stored in cookies – it will be processed depending on the particular purpose of the cookies, or until you delete the particular cookies or withdraw your consent.

Is profiling or automated decision making being conducted?

ERST Finance does not use your personal data in the process of profiling or when making automatic decisions.

What are your data processing rights?

You have the rights to demand access to your personal data, correct or delete personal data, restrict personal data processing, as well as the right to object to the processing of personal data, and the right to data portability. However, these rights are not absolute and there are various exceptions to the exercising of these rights. In cases where the basis of data processing is consent, you have the right to withdraw it at any moment.

An application for the exercising of your rights can be submitted in written form or electronically by signing the application with a secure electronic signature.

How do you file a complaint regarding data processing?

In the case of any questions or objections, please kindly contact us first. In the case that you consider the data processing to be unlawful, a complaint can be submitted to the Data State Inspectorate. More detailed information is available here: